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Welcome to Ensight Marine Technology

Ensight Marine Technology has developed unmanned robotic system to provide underwater inspection and in-water cleaning services to underwater assets and vessels. We are committed to bring innovation, efficiency and safety to the maritime assets and vessels industries. 

our Capabilities


Our self-developed inspection ROV is capable of providing a range of flexible and reliable applications to solve the most challenging underwater problems faced by clients. It bridges the gap between mini ROV and marine observation ROV in the market by delivering the works in more versatile and cost-effective manners. 

We are developing the robotic in-water cleaning technology, solving the marine growth problems for the small-large size vessels, and underwater infrastructures. It eliminates the risks without damaging infrastructures and vessels. 

Our self-developed Tubular Crawler is committed to deploy on the piling structures to perform both inspection and bio-fouling cleaning. It can work in both inshore and offshore environments, providing a robust result under various working conditions. 

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We have an ambition to change maritime assets and vessels industry, follow our journey on the future of underwater inspection and cleaning 

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