In-water cleaning

Our ROV is capable of doing both precise and area cleaning by our customised cleaning tool without damaging the target surface. It is a cost-effective and efficient approach to cleaning the marine growth on the vessels to save the fuel consumption and underwater assets like piers and jetties, to improve the structural integrity.

UNDERWATER 3D photogrammetry

Underwater 3D photogrammetry is able to reconstruct the 3D model of objects through the images captured by the underwater camera. It enables the data delivered in the format of xyz file, which includes the information of both object characteristics and dimension measurement, this allows asset owner understand the data in a more comprehensive way. It is the most cost effective method in the clear water environment. 

ROV water sampling

Our self-developed ROV water sampler is able to collect water from any depth with different volumes required. The environmental specialists in our team will determine the most appropriate and effective water sampling method. We can also use wide range of sensors to conduct water monitoring, we can measure water properties like temperature, turbidity, suspended solids, pH and EC, et, al. Other than this, we can also assist with soil sampling from the seabed. 


Using deep learning AI algorithm, accompanying with our high resolution ROV-mountable camera. Visible crack and corrosion of the underwater structure can be automatically identified for structure integrity analysis.

UNDERWATER 3D scanning

Most of the underwater environment is in low visibility condition, by using  multibeam 3D sonar on our ROV system, high resolution 3D point cloud data can be created for underwater area, structures and objects. It is a reliable and effective measure to obtain underwater digital twin for the engineering design and construction. 


Our self-developed Tubular crawler can be clamped onto piles and crawling alternatively to perform both inspection and bio-fouling removal service. It can work in both inshore and offshore environment, providing high efficiency and a robust result under various working conditions. 

We are always keen to bridge our technologies to your problems!

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