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Bridging the gap in maritime robotic solution

Current ROV solutions in the market are well established in the offshore industry, where mostly operation needs to be done by large working class ROV in deep water. Therefore most solutions in the market were originally designed for deep water, high pressure environment. However, for the shallow water environment, those solutions are complex, unsuitable and expensive. 

Ensight Marine Technology is endeavour to leverage the most cost-effective and high quality solution to solve the problems in maritime inspection, including inefficient data capture (low quality photos) and data deliverable (massive footage and spreadsheet). 

Our Innovations

Industry Focused Solutions!

Small - Medium size ROV

We provide a range of ROV solutions, which are adaptable to different working environments and various types of assets. Our mini ROV is easily deployable for timber piers and jetties, and soffit inspections. Our inspection ROV can be deployed for more operations like spot cleaning, UT measurement, and water sampling. 

Image stitching

We develop a functionality that stitch photos along depth profile which captured by footage. It makes the process of asset condition assessment a lot more efficient, and save significant amount of time for consultant and asset manager. 

Laser pointers dimension measurement

We develop dimension measurement technique by integrating computer vision and laser pointers. This will give a fast and effective diameter estimation on pile at different depth, and the most cost-effective solution for maritime asset inspection.


Top view capture

We integrate top view cameras on our ROV to capture the asset condition exposed above water, this include piles and soffit, which need to be regularly inspected to ensure the safety. 

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