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Marine growth on the underwater structures like piers& jetties and vessels can be naturally formed within 4 weeks. Hard marine growth like barnacle and mussels can be formed within 6 months. For some areas, they are considered with ecological values. However, marine growth brings risks of biologically induced corrosion to some steel piles, inefficiency to vessel fuel consumption and risk of invasive species. A good biofouling management is in need, this include a proper in-water cleaning. 

Our ROV is capable of doing both precise and area cleaning by our customised cleaning tool without damaging the target surface. It is a cost-effective and efficient approach to cleaning the marine growth on the vessels to save the fuel consumption and underwater assets like piers and jetties, to understand the asset condition and also improve the structural integrity.

Our Innovations

Industry Specialised Solutions!

Curved surface cleaning

We are developing robotic cleaning solution that is deployable on curved surface like piers and jetties as most of the current solutions are mechanical cleaning by divers, which are risky to damage the target surface.  

In-water capture

Biosecurity is the biggest concern for in-water cleaning, therefore we aim to design a compact capture system that integrated with the cleaning system to fully contain the bio-debris. 

Niche area (vessel) cleaning

We are developing a niche area (sea chest, propellor, etc) cleaning solution to fill the gap in the market as most of the cleaning solutions can only apply to the flat area, like hull. 

Debris treatment

Biodebris will be separated by solids filter though sedimentation, and water can be discharged back to the sea after proper UV disinfection by using ballast water treatment system. 

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