Station Pier Inspection

Ensight Marine Technology was assisting Aecom to inspect the soffit and piles of the timber boardwalk and the rotunda at Station Pier. The scope of this project is to complete the visual inspection of the structures in addition to the parts covered by Station Pier Board Walk and Rotunda Inspection Report delivered by Aecom, and the task was carried out by using HD camera, Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and an elongated pole.

No. Piles
On-site staffs



Project Location

The inspection location is at the timber boardwalk at station pier. The objective was to take the photos and footage of all those piles. 

ROV deployment

Mini ROV works perfect for the shallow water environment, it is highly versatile and easy to operate. All the deliverable are derived from the HD camera on ROV. 

Project outcome

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