Our Vision

Current industry standards to conduct underwater inspections  of marine assets is to send down a team of divers to take photos, videos and measurements of these assets. Standards for vessel hull cleaning and inspection is either go to dry dock or send divers. 

These are inherently dangerous task, that is subject to various risks including equipment failure, strong wind and waves, rising tides and surrounding speedboat activities. 

The measurements and cleaning that divers are capable of producing are very limited, as all measurements are done manually, and cleanings are mostly done by hand brush with risk to damage the object. Even in the current mini ROV market, the capability is highly limited in data deliverable and complex operation, like in-water cleaning. 
Ensight Marine Technology leverages technology to overcome all of these limitations listed above, to allow asset/vessel owners to conduct condition assessments and cleaning in a safe, accurate and cost-effective manner.

Our Market

Maritime Vessel

Vessels that are suffering from marine growth can increase the annual fuel consumption by 10-15%, which will indirectly contribute significant amount of carbon dioxide. Currently, vessels are cleaned at dry dock or divers, which is an costly process. We offer service to inspect and clean in a much cost-effective manner, and we are developing capture system that pose no bio-security risk. 

Maritime infrastructure

In maritime industry, port wharf inspection is normally conducted by dive team on a boat, which will interfere the port operation. We offer safe and cost-effective way to inspect these structures by our self-developed ROV, integrating with computer vision and AI, we are able to provide accurate and comprehensive data deliverable to our clients. 

civil Infrastructure

Civil infrastructures like dam, bridge and waterway structures are facing the problems of cracks, structural fatigue merged under the water that is hard to be identified due to low visibility. We use low lux camera and 3D sonar that helps navigation and create more accurate and comprehensive data for the better condition assessment.

Offshore energy Infrastructure

Other than oil and gas industry, more offshore wind turbines are constructed for sustainable energy supply. We work with experienced client representatives which allow us assist in the process of environmental assessment, below water turbine, mono-pile, cable interface inspection, which provides data for marine growth and corrosion control. 

Water treatment plant

Water treatment inspection involves the inspection of water source, like lake/reservoir, inspection of pipeline and tunnel of desalination plant. We leverage the ROV technology to inspect and monitor both drinking water and waste water facilities with compliance of stringent sterilisation procedure to ensure no contamination of water possible. 

Environmental study

Environmental monitoring program sometime involves detailed inspection of the studied objects and live measurement of the water quality, etc. We offer technologies, like HD camera and stere-camera to conduct detail photogrammetry study. We also have self-developed ROV mountable water sampler and soil sampler to assist in more detailed research. 

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